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Iphone photo taken in Marfa, TX.

The chick behind the camera...

Hey there! I'm Jesslynn Violet, the proud owner of

J.Violet Photography! I am a wedding-lifestyle photographer based in Central Texas.


My obsession with pretty light and my desire to frame things in the unique way that I see them, were the first things that drew me to photography. I picked up my first camera to tell a story the way I saw it in my head and never looked back. Not only do those things still inspire me today, but I also enjoy meeting new people who love each other and desire timeless photo documentation.


I trained under some of the best in Texas and have learned a ton while being an independent photographer and perfecting my craft!

I'm a fabulous firstborn, a lover of live music and travel adventures. (Updated passport...will travel...seriously.

If you are going on an awesome trip abroad and need fun photos, I'm your girl!) I enjoy getting to know people and those they love. To me, relationships are the most important thing!


I cannot wait to get to know you and tell your wedding day story in the most unique way!

I love taking photos of people, families, and the interaction  between them. However, I am most in love with documenting weddings; they are the BEST!


  • Fun fact: I was named after my Grandma Violet. I was never able to meet her, but love looking back at all her fun black and white photos. She was a candid beauty, who always had a smile.

  • Proven fact: I can talk to a "brick wall" personality-type and make it interesting. :)

Grandma Violet

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